„To me a DJ is an entertainer, a selector and an intermediary who, by his performance, his attentiveness and his choice of music, has the talent to build up an evening of music and in the process make people dance.”


After a few years of a creative break as a Club Dj, Jerome has rediscovered the WebRadio for himself. Started in 2005 on ShoutedFM – mth.Electro, it ended after 7 years before all the hype about streaming even broke out.

With his show Rocka Partida, a homage to one of his travels, Jerome reinvents himself every week without being exposed to the pressure of any genre, purely for the joy of the diversity of electronic music.

Let’s take a trip back in time just before the turn of the millennium. Like so many others of his generation, Jerome was taken in by the bass lines of German scene institutions, like “Nature One” or the “HR3 Clubnight” and by all means still enjoys the invigorating magic of the club culture.

Ever since, the then young and up-and-coming DJ from a picturesque little town in the Hunsrück region of Germany became addicted to the sound of urban culture. His love and faith belong to music, which motives him to go further.

It was the music that sent him on a journey weekend after weekend to bring his interpretation of danceable, electronic music to the clubber. Jerome achieved this not only as resident of various event series like the ‚Timeless‘ in Trier, but also in the Koblenz „S38“ and „Dreams“, where he could be heard monthly.

Thanks to his dedication to the scene and his intoxicating DJ sets, for which he views danceability as his number one priority, Jerome has gathered a select circle of loyal fans among him who appreciate and share his concept of a good club sound.

Jerome´s sound playfully defies the limitations of marketing-effective genre-mania so hostile towards creative music development. Through his musicality and his skills on the decks, he manages to mold his carefully selected tracks of different varieties as Techno, Minimal and Techhouse, into one superior groove and to merge them into a homogenous whole.

Anyone who would now like to convince himself of Jerome´s affinity to music should take the opportunity to experience him live. Because then he will do what he is best at – letting the music speak for him.